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Blade Runner 2:
The Edge Of Human
By K.W. Jeter
Hardcover Pub. Date Nov. 1995
Bantam Spectra
384 Pages $21.95

This book picks up from where Ridley Scott's movie Bladerunner left off, and it answers all (or most) of those questions I had at the end of it... like did Deckard and Rachel get to live happily ever after? Does Rachel have the same four year life span that the other replicants had?
The story picks up about a year after the end of the movie, with Deckard and Rachel hiding out in a northern forest. He soon learns that one of the androids he retired was, in fact, human and that he is now wanted for murder. To further complicate things, the new head of the Tyrell Corporation, Sarah Tyrell, insists on hiring Deckard to do what he does best, be a bladerunner.
We finally get to meet Dave Holden (who was shot in the beginning of the movie), who with the help of Roy Batty, uncovers a conspiracy to wipe out all bladerunners, and we get to see how Sebastian and Pris are making ends meet.
For me, the best part about this book was that K.W. Jeter didn't try to emulate the late Phillip K. Dick. His book "DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP" is a classic, and was the basis for the movie by Ridley Scott, but where Phillip K. Dick went ahead and ended his novel, the movie sort of left you hanging.
This book also has all the grittiness and dark edges that the movie showed off so well, along with a very fast pace that will keep you reading into the wee hours of the night.

Reviewed by J. Patton