Charlotte Vale Allen

headshot of Charlotte Vale Allen copyright 1999 by Diana Last
The Young Person's Dreambook 2002
Parting Gifts 2001
Mood Indigo 1997
Claudia's Shadow 1996
Somebody's Baby 1995
Dreaming in Color 1993
Leftover Dreams 1992
Painted Lives 1990
Night Magic 1989
Dream Train  1988
Illusions 1987
Time/Steps 1986
Matters of The Heart  1985
Pieces of Dreams
Intimate Friends  1983
Perfect Fools  1981
The Marmalade Man 1981 (Destinies in paperback)
Daddy's Girl (autobiography) 1980
Promises  1980
Times of Triumph 1979
Moments of Meaning 1979
Acts of Kindness 1979
Gifts of Love 1978
Believing in Giants 1978 (reissued as Memories)
Becoming 1978
Julia's Sister 1978
Meet Me in Time 1978
Running Away 1977
Mixed Emotions 1977
Another Kind of Magic 1977 (included in 1976's Hidden Meanings)
Gentle Stranger 1977
Sweeter Music 1976
Hidden Meanings 1976
Love Life  1976

Writing as Katharine Marlowe

Nightfall 1993
Secrets 1992
Heart's Desires 1991

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